I’m so happy to tell you, friends, that my solo album is out today. I wrote a lot of the songs in June 2013, recorded them in July 2014, and am having the release show tonight with my good friends and fantastic string players, Liz Weamer and Aimee Biasiello. It’s been a long and rambly road for me and these songs, but they’ve meant a lot to me along the way. I spent yesterday going antiquing to pick out the vintage postcards that will be my album art.

rosesIn the past several months, I’ve started to feel more committed my own music — about really trying to get it out there. I’d like to travel with this music, and make more of it, and keep growing and learning alongside awesome people who want to play it with me.

saturn In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the music! You can stream it for free, own it (digitally!) for $5, and get a cute vintage postcard from me if you want to lend a little extra support the music.