I spent this past week in Seattle, pretending to be an actor. It was great fun. I’m a member of the cast of Wayfinders, a new performance art song cycle by Portland songwriter and interdisciplinary artist Holcombe Waller. Holcombe is a wonderfully creative and inspirational person. Here he is with a pile of crazy notes and a book of poetry — raw material for the show as he was revising it.

My favorite thing about the experience, artistically, was the chance to focus on one project for a single week. Normally I spend life flitting from one project to another, sometimes wearing three or four hats in a day. This week, I had one job and it was quite a nice feeling.

In the show, I’m joined onstage by flutist Elise Blatchford and horn player Leander Star. We have costumes, blocking, sound and lighting cues, and perform all the music from memory. It’s a new kind of challenge for folks who normally specialize in chamber and contemporary music. These two are awesome. Also, note my awesome spider sleeve, courtesy of costume designer Camille Benda.

After a Chicago winter that could only be described as brutal, the gorgeous weather in Seattle was a treat.

We stayed at an AirBNB in a delightful, verdant, cat-filled neighborhood.

On my last full day, I did yoga outdoors for an hour. It was a week of hard, focused work with enough quiet time to keep me sane. So grateful for this project and looking forward to the next installment in Portland in August.