August was, without question, the best month I have had in a really long time.  I took a lot of naps. I talked about things that matter. I faced difficult situations. I reconnected with things that are really important to me. I earned an alarmingly small amount of money. As I was organizing my photos, I realized how many amazing things came into being in the month of August and was flabbergasted.  Here are a few of them.

Tyler and I discovered the stunning beauty of Northern Michigan.


My beloved friend and collaborator Aimee Biasiello returned to the viola after a fifteen-month injury hiatus. And thus, Chicago Q Ensemble reconnected on a wonderful rehearsal retreat. There was bittersweetness also, as we bid farewell to our longtime comrade, Kate Carter, who’s leaving the group this season.


I improvised with the ultra-talented and amazing James Falzone and Jenna Lyle on the Collision Theory series. It was amazing and life-changing. James wore red pants and brought a set of singing bowls, which my mom loved.


I played amazing retro mini-golf with Tyler and Susan. (The course was punishingly difficult.)


Nick and I recorded four new songs at Strobe Studio. There was bittersweetness here, too. Nick and his girlfriend Jade are spending this academic year in Portland, Oregon, and we’re officially a “long distance band” now. So it was important to both of us to make these recordings before he left.


I danced in the rain with the ladies of Parlour Tapes.


That beach party was really fun.


Goodbye August, month of a thousand gifts. September’s going to have a different vibe, I know, but if I can keep appreciating what’s happening, I think we’ll be okay.