I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. It has something to do with Dear Sugar, something to do with advice columns, something to do with my long history of writing letters to my friends and lovers and grandmothers. That history, of course, has gotten lost as it becomes easier and easier for us to contact each other instantly.

This project has to do with communication, and commitment. If I promise you a letter every Friday, I will write a letter every Friday. And being required to write a letter every week will be good for me.

I feel like maybe if I write these letters, we will all be huddled together in a tiny closet of the Internet with a blanket and a flashlight, telling stories, eating popcorn, falling asleep at different times. I was always the first person to wake up at sleepovers; the closeness of friends was too novel and exciting and I would rise early, savoring the feeling of being alone and not alone at the same time.

If I call an email a letter, and if I treat it like one, and if I maybe handwrite it before I type it … does it count?

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