It’s a big day for me and my folk band, Elk. After four years of writing music, three days in the studio, and five months of tinkering & mixing, our debut EP, Don’t Forget, has been released. You can get the album by visiting our Bandcamp page and paying whatever you like to download it. You can get it for free, or chip in a little towards our band fund. If you decide to pay $10 or more, there’s some beautiful artwork by our friend John Murphy as a thank-you bonus.

beech forest

I blogged about our recording process back in the fall, and you might’ve read in the past that I feel like I’m still in the closet as a songwriter. I guess that will change on Saturday night when we play our first real show in Chicago. I’ll be sharing a new side of myself with some folks who’ve only known me as a classical violinist.

For me, the journey of taking Elk’s music more seriously has been amazing. I’ve begun to realize that getting our project off the ground will take just as much elbow grease as founding the quartet did. I’ve come to have even more admiration and respect for the musicianship and character of my bandmate, Nick. I’m discovering that performing my own songs takes just as much courage and artistry as performing a Shostakovich quartet. It’s all very different, and yet it’s all very much the same. And I’m kind of a beginner on this path. I think I like being a beginner.

Readers of this blog have always been an amazing source of creative support and encouragement. Thank you for the gift of your attention and I hope you enjoy the music.