Happy Monday, friends. It is an auspicious day because I am bringing you my first-ever video interview! I spent a good portion of my Sunday wrangling with the technology gods and I think I have earned their favor. Now listen to this. It’s a tune by our visitor to the blog today, Eva Walsh. This is Eva’s music at its darkest and most stripped down — and it’s one of my favorites.

And then you have this happy, sunny little confection.

Yup. I couldn’t be more pleased that Eva is my first video interview subject. She is a super talented singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist in Boston, whom I went to school with for a couple of years back in Nashville. She’s releasing her debut album, Storybook, TODAY — so I thought it was perfect timing to pick her brain about a few things. Eva inspires me with her songwriting, her musical adventurousness, and her hard work staying in touch with fans on social networks. Enjoy her wonderful, positive and down-to-earth interview, and try not to make fun of me to much for the loud humming sound in the background (Skype wouldn’t accept my nice mic as an input!) or the titles (I had a lot of fun once I realized how to make them).

You can buy a hard copy of Storybook on Eva’s site, where the most money goes to the artist! You can also download it on iTunes, amazon.com, and Zoon, and listen to it on Spotify.