1. Arriving at the corner of Roosevelt & Wabash to find one of my oldest, dearest friends. Yup — we offered to fly him all the way from Providence to record our EP, and he said yes. #whataguy

2. Eating fresh apple-cheddar scones and drinking fresh coffee with Andy and Nick — two of my musical soul mates — on the morning that I introduced them to each other for the first time.

3. Watching my bandmate spend six focused, tenacious, inspiring hours laying down his guitar tracks.

4. Writing a mysterious theme song for Tyco, the aging pup that Nick & Jade were dogsitting during our recording sessions. We worked hard to make sure that the sound of his little toenails didn’t show up on the record.

5. Hearing my song, Don’t Forget, played back to me in my headphones. The crystal clear acoustic guitar, the way the super-nice microphone captured the vocals — in that moment, I felt profoundly grateful for the privilege of this creative process. And I got a little choked up.

6. Bringing my dear friend and longtime collaborator, Liz, into the studio to add some cello parts to our songs. After one minute of listening to “Mercury’s Rising” in her headphones, Liz started crying. She then proceeded to lay down lovely, musical lines for our new record, faster than you could say ‘snack’. Liz is such a special person and musician. It means a lot to me that she’s on this record.

7. Enlisting our partners — Tyler and Jade — to do some handclaps on one of our songs. It was one of the last things we recorded. Check out the celebratory atmosphere!

Looking at these photos, I feel so much joy and gratitude. Not a bad way to spend a weekend. Can’t wait to share the music with you when it’s good & ready.