Thank you, Internet, for the warm welcome I received yesterday upon announcing my new job for NewMusicBox. I am so excited that, in a national web magazine (whose articles about John Adams I spent most of college reading), I get to represent Chicago. Our new music scene is, depending on who you ask, burgeoning, blossoming, exploding, and/or reproducing itself like rabbits. And the world needs to know! I mean, with art like this, how can anyone call us the second city?!

Yes. That is a hot dog in the Chicago River, with a barge full of relish en route and a pepper being airlifted onto it. And I have waited all my life to share it with you.

This new job gives me the opportunity to harass you about two things:

1. Get a blog. In all likelihood, you are a wonderful writer and thinker whose thoughts ought to be on the Internet. Also, it turns out what we have been taught was wrong. If your thoughts are on the Internet, you’re MORE likely to get a job (see above), not less.

2. If you are too lazy for the above, at least send me ideas for stories, trends, series, venues, angles, and newsworthy events in the Chicago new music scene that ought to be covered by NewMusicBox.

But seriously: I never would’ve had the heart to continue blogging without your thoughtful comments and your words of encouragement. I’m very lucky that I write in a community that cares as much as it rocks.