Last week, I was reminded that it’s really important to surround yourself with people who fill you up with energy. So much of life can drain us; we sometimes need help filling the well again. Lucky for me, this week I spent time with three people whose energy, vitality and commitment lifted my day and filled my little head with ideas and excitement.

I had my first rehearsal in awhile with Francesco. We were working on some Mozart arias we performed chamber-style at the Cultural Center this past Sunday. I remembered how much I like working with him. Conductors are bossy, but when the conductor in question is funny, talented, and pretty much a mensch, the bossiness totally works. During rehearsal, Frank was a ball of energy, shouting out ideas and demonstrating phrasing faster than I could scribble it down. I left rehearsal reminded of what a vibrant and exciting experience playing Mozart can be.

I also went to small dinner party thrown by Jenna. Every time I hang out with her, I have an idea for a blog post. Coincidence? No. She is smart and overflowing with jokes that make me think. She can cook. And she also has an apartment filled with interesting colors and shapes and things, which made me want to fill my apartment with interesting things too.

Finally, I rehearsed a little violin and piano piece with George Flynn that we’re performing this Saturday at Katerina’s. Can we talk about George Flynn for a second? He is seventy-five years old. And he is still writing music, playing shows at bars, emailing musicians and booking shows like crazy. When I went to his apartment yesterday, he cheerfully said: “Yes, the neighbors put up with all this modern music!” He was good-natured and delightful to play with. If we all make it to seventy-five with this magnitude of coolness, we’ll be lucky.

Can you think of the top three folks who’ve inspired you this week? Make another date to hang out with them!