Ah, the last weekend in August. It felt like summer’s rebirth. The temperatures had spiked (again!?) and the cool breezes of the previous week seemed like a dream. Tyler and I realized that summer wasn’t leaving us (or our struggling air conditioner) alone. So we decided to embrace it and make our first trip to Big Star.

This was our first time here. We’d often been put off by the hour-long waits and the slightly douche-y crowd. But with cheap beer abounding, plus perfect tacos and cocktails at great prices, who can blame the crowds for flocking here? Despite the loud-talking drunk guy pulling hundred dollar bills out of his wallet at the end of his meal (oh, Wicker Park), our table under the shade felt like an urban victory. Stay a little longer, summer, so we can go here again!

Next we headed to the Food Truck Social. With a name that cute, how could we miss it? We wondered if all the trucks would have their headlights pointed at each other and would be honking in Morse code. You know — socializing.

I handed over my $5 bill and waited patiently for the nice ladies at Sweet Ride to give me my box of mini-cupcakes. They were delicious. Over at Tamale Spaceship, the staff was wearing scary masks that made them look like Jason (the killer one) …. but that didn’t keep the masses from lining up. People want their tamales. From a spaceship.

Our last stop was High Concept Laboratories for a beautiful show by local composer, singer and sound artist Jenna Lyle. I absolutely loved her music. Little does Jenna know, but someday soon, this blog will host an interview with her. Because, in addition to writing gorgeous concert music, she’s a very cool lady. We need to know more about her. Readers, does your vision of a 21st-century composer involve a friendly, engaging, brilliant blonde in a bright green dress, singing and hugging everyone? If not, revise your vision. I will interview Jenna and we will find out how all about her, including how she managed to make such cool sounds come out of this suitcase.

I hope you have a glorious Chicago weekend!