So, there was absolute radio silence on this blog last week. It bummed me out and it probably bummed some of you out, too! This silence happened because Chicago Q had a super busy week — four rehearsals, a grant application, and lots of emailing and video conferencing. There’s some great stuff happening for our organization right now — concert invitations, collaborative projects, and opportunities for development — which also take a lot of work. Last week, in which I clocked twenty hours working for the group, was a clear reminder of the investment we’ve made in Q, and the investment we’ll continue to make. I’m rolling up my sleeves and declaring this Q season.

Personally, I’ve decided to stop trying to do All The Things, All The Time. Instead, I try to look at what’s happening and think about a rotating emphasis in my work. If you’re someone who takes on a lot of different projects, and struggles to balance them, you probably know what I mean.

For example, the quartet took the month of July off while Sara was at the Wintergreen Festival. So that was a different season — one for blogging, and spending lots of time with my husband and my friends. I didn’t beat myself up for not working on Q stuff or making giant new binders to organize my teaching studio.

In September, when Andy comes into Chicago to record our first EP, that will be the season for investing in the band. We’ll probably practice more than usual leading up to the recording sessions, and then we’ll spend the whole weekend immersed in the songs we want to record.

Chicago is really feeling the change of season right now. The weather has (finally) cooled off and it’s gorgeous. Lots of people are going back to school today. It can be hard to leave behind the season of lazy days for the season of work and structure. But I’m working on embracing the current season I’m in — and recognizing that before I know it, there will be a change in the weather.