I had an idea, while I was on vacation, about what vacation is.

I’ve been thinking of vacation all wrong. I was thinking of it as a break from “real life,” an idyllic time without cares or concerns. This thinking involves a very strong work-life divide: in Chicago, there’s my real life, with toil and ambition and achievement and routine. On vacation, there’s food and wine and sightseeing and relaxing and pressing the pause button on all that ambition and achievement.

But I feel better when I think of things as being more fluid. It’s all part of my life
— wherever I go, there I am. I take my traveling experiences home with me, and I take my home with me everywhere. Traveling so far has been about investing in personal relationships with family (my husband, Dad, aunt, uncle and cousins I’m Seattle) and friends (four good friends in California). It’s also been a chance to put myself in new situations, challenge myself, and reflect on what’s important to me.

Turns out travel isn’t  a break from life. It IS life.


Hiking in Washington State.

P.S. having a great time; wish you were here.