Friends, I’m going on vacation with my husband for a belated celebration of our one-year wedding anniversary. We’ve planned an amazing trip to Seattle, San Francisco, and northern wine country. We’re visiting some family and some really great friends. What could be better!?

Because relaxation and leisure is something I’ve sort of had to learn how to do (cough — workaholic — cough), I’ve been thinking a lot about what the heck a vacation is. This is what I’ve come up with:

– it’s a break from being overworked. (Action item: acknowledge that you’re overworked.)

– it’s a chance for rest, reflection and healing. (Action item: acknowledge that you’ve had the hardest year of your life and deserve healing.)

– it’s a chance to see a new place! This is the easy part for me. I’m SO excited; the West Coast has so much breathtaking scenery and is so different from what I grew up with. We’ve never been to Seattle, or any of the cool places outside Seattle where we’ll be hiking with my dad and my aunt. And the last time I was in San Francisco & wine country, it was almost ten years ago and I couldn’t drink!

– it’s the thing you’ve been saving your money for. We have a travel savings account that we try to put money in every month so that we can go on trips. (Action item: now, SPEND THE MONEY and don’t worry about it.)

Wish us luck & smooth sailing. Since traveling tends to yield revelations, I’m planning to do quick posts from our trip when the inspiration strikes. In the meantime, picture me hiking up a mountain with a glass of wine in my hand.