I’m back in Chicago after two weeks of intensive performance, and about to dive into a week of intensive pedagogy training. The universe appears ready to test what for me is a sometimes fraught relationship between teaching & playing.

In St. Louis, what I needed to worry about was being ready to perform. Fed, hydrated, rested, and mentally prepared to stand up in front of whoever and nail whatever needed to be nailed. In St. Louis, I understood for the first time what hard work performing can be when you’re doing it constantly. When there was a snafu at the retirement home and some of the old folks got riled up, I still needed to play Paganini without a care in the world. When the spotlights were burning me up and my mouth dried out completely, I still needed to act out the full drama of Shostakovich as we’d rehearsed it.

Teaching uses a different set of skills. And this week, during my practicum course, I’ll be challenged to sharpen that entirely different skill set. Really curious how this will feel. And thanks for your patience as I settle back into normal life and normal blogging.