It’s been interesting to see certain themes emerging on my blog. The past two months represent the most consistent public writing I’ve ever done, and there have been many times I’ve struggled to know what to say. But my two daily, must-read bloggers are very consistent about posting, and I love visiting their sites each weekday morning, knowing I”ll see something new. I decided that was the model I wanted to follow.

I also am trying to simply follow the path of my own creativity. What do I want to write about? What excites me? What conversations do I enjoy being part of? It’s a dream of mine that I will someday write and publish a book. This space is a great place for me to explore what that book might be about. I’m excited about exploring some of the following questions:

1. What conditions make me a happy artist, and by extension, what conditions should our society and our field try to create for artists generally?

2. What support do women, in particular, need in order to become happy and successful artists? What are we doing wrong, and right, with regard to women’s participation?

3. How can we get off the financial hamster wheel, free ourselves from workaholism and consumerism, and live a financial life that reflects our needs and values?

4. What can we classical musicians learn from other musicians and other artists in order to keep our performance tradition alive and thriving?

5. What is grief? What does life look like after a huge loss? What do people need to know in order to be good friends and companions along the path of grief?

In the near future, I’m hoping to get back to one of the original intentions for this blog: interviews! Sitting down with people I admire, and recording their responses in writing, audio or video, involves a different kind of time commitment than just typing away on this laptop each morning. And it would be really, really exciting to dive into a project like that. (I’ve always admire the by measure blog for this reason.)