When I was sixteen years old, I started making music with Andrew Brown. He quickly became one of my Musical Soul Mates. I’ve been lucky enough to have a handful of these people throughout my life: people with whom I’m just on the same wavelength, people with whom making music is easy and a joy. Andy was one of those people. He’s also the person who taught me, during my classical training, that I could also write my own music. He’s been encouraging and inspiring me ever since.

During high school and college, our band Jude recorded two EP’s. The second record, Arts and Crafts, Andy painstakingly mixed himself. Here we are singing a love song we wrote together back in 2006.

Fast forward six years and Andy is building an amazingly versatile music career in Providence. He’s helping to start up a recording studio/art space, and playing keyboards with a whole bunch of bands in a dizzying array of musical styles. He’s also starting to engineer and produce other people’s records — which is tremendously exciting to me. Any band that gets to work with him is lucky. Check out this Radiohead cover he put together:

Personally, I’ll always have a soft spot for the pared-down, singer-songwriter side of Andrew. He didn’t sing much in the band during our high school years. As you can hear, that was a mistake. Note that we were making music during John Mayer’s heyday. WAY TO BLOW OUR CHANCE AT EARLY FAME.

So basically what I’m saying is, keep your eyes on this kid. He has a YouTube channel. And a hilarious tumblr. He won’t disappoint you. Plus, we might be working on something awesome together sometime soon. Maybe.