Not much. Except they were both chosen by my folk band, Elk, as artists whose songs we want to cover!

We’re working on adapting Bjork’s Joga and Fleetwood Mac’s I Know I’m Not Wrong for our two-piece band. Both of us sing, Nick plays guitar, I play violin & keyboard, and we’re both willing to strap various percussion instruments to our body in the name of art.

Think we can do it?

The prospect of arranging these songs for our pared-down forces is tremendously exciting to me. Usually, my “sing and play violin at the same time” ability ends at whole notes. That might have to change if we’re going to pull off the Bjork.

The more I listen to this song, the more I admire what she’s done with a pretty simple structure. There’s not much of a “bass” or main accompanying instrument — she just accompanies the vocals with the implied harmonies of the string part, plus some awesome crashing, booming, and scratching electronic percussion. I think we might have to dig deep to figure out how to get those sounds — or ditch them altogether for a more poppy, acoustic vibe.

Nick’s Fleetwood Mac pick is just pure jangly fun. I love the unfussy vocals and could easily see us just singing in unison. I wish I had better “chop” technique as some percussive effect will be important. Time to get to work!