It’s Friday! And you know what that means: time to point out something cool on the Internet. Today’s person-to-admire is Meg Keene, the author of one of the coolest websites in existence, A Practical Wedding. 

I know, with one marriage post already this week, that you might be thinking I’ve got weddings on the brain. But it’s not quite that. The main reason I keep coming back to Meg’s site is not only her great writing about marriage, but the inspiring posts about entrepreneurship. The truth is, the wedding-blogger (and general blogger!) world is absolutely crammed with wonderful women entrepreneurs. So if you’re starting your own artistic endeavor, blog, business — some of these ladies can be a huge inspiration. Sometimes I just sit back and marvel at the way Meg’s business has grown since I started reading it less than two years ago.

This year, Meg quit her corporate day job in order to write a book and run the site full-time. And she’s pulled it off with flying colors. Whether you’re a classical musician, web designer, lawyer, or writer, you can totally get behind Meg’s journey — and learn a thing or two along the way about building a readership, sticking with it, being brave and creative. I’ve learned a lot from just watching the way she does things.

(Aimee & me after finishing our nonprofit application. Meg would be proud!)


Speaking of building a readership: thank you so much for all the support you’ve given me in my first week of real, five-days-a-week blogging. The past few days have been the busiest days my website has ever seen, and I’m hoping that we can continue this conversation together. It’s very clear to me, from the response I’m getting, that these issues really matter to our musical community. We care about our performing-teaching balance, our health care, and getting paid (or choosing not to). And there aren’t too many people out there talking about it. Reading the comments I’ve gotten here and on Facebook, I’ve already learned a ton (and reconsidered some of my ranting). So just remember: if I’m ranting, I’m also trying to get a rise out of you. So let me know what you think. And I’ll be back Monday!

Meg’s photo by Emily Takes Photos.