During our interview, I asked Kyle to make some pie charts. We had so much fun with this. The first one asked him to show how he spends his time, and how he’s IDEALLY spend his time. Click the image below for the best view. You can see that in Kyle’s ideal world, all three of his day jobs (e.g. office managing for ACM, bookeeping for eighth blackbird, waiting tables) completely disappear. Boy, can I sympathize with that. Also, despite a lack of sleep in his current life, Kyle would not adjust his amount of sleep. I spend a third of my life sleeping, so I cannot fathom this. Go Kyle.




The next one compares how he makes money, versus how he’s IDEALLY make money. In a memorable moment, as Kyle charted his ideal ways of earning money, he said: “Dude …. who cares?!”


We musicians have to think pretty hard about how we spend time, and how we make money. Sometimes our absolute favorite projects — the ones that sustain us as artists — earn the least money. I’ll be asking all my interview subjects to do charts like this. Frankly, it’s pretty interesting to see other people’s charts. Making a living is a big part of making music work, and I think we could learn a lot from each other if we were more open about personal finance.  I want to thank Kyle for being willing to put this information out there. This falls just short of submitting his W-2 for me to look at.

In your ideal world, how would you align your time, money and artistic energy?