In the midst of rehearsals for Ligeti’s ‘Ramifications’ with ensemble dal niente, we considered putting the above slogan on a t-shirt. (Ligeti’s piece, in this case, is a stunning composite of twelve parts which are simultaneously critical but individually irrelevant. If that makes sense.)

Tonight, dal niente fans packed Nichols Hall for a concert in which I was truly honored and delighted to take part. The place was crammed with people, especially young people. There were amazing solo performances by Austin Wulliman and Chris Wild. There was wild sax playing with dal niente’s executive director, Ryan Muncy. There was a whole lot of enthusiasm about music, art, and performance. Dal niente’s done a fabulous job developing their audience, and after seven years of extremely hard work, they’ve got packed houses to show for it.

Check out my friend Seth Boustead’s recent post on this topic. And don’t miss the next dal niente show. I know I won’t.